Sunday, July 2, 2017

Happy Fourth!


Happy Fourth of July 

Always a patriotic girl
who loves to decorate and celebrate
this special national holiday each year.

No matter what your political views are,
no matter where you live,
no matter what your race or religion --
we are all Americans -- 
one great nation
under God.

Praying for peace.
Praying for our great country.

Coming together today
under the red, white and blue
to celebrate our independence.

United we stand
today and every day.

Happy Fourth


This home is for sale. Please contact me via email if you need further information.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Could be yours....

The time has finally come.

It is official. 


We've listed our beloved Polohouse 
so that a new family or couple 
can move in, 
make wonderful memories,
and enjoy it as much as we have.

Yes, it could be yours!

With teary eyes I type...
not all houses crawl into your heart 
and become part of your soul 
like this one has.

It is very, very special.

Took these shots today while waiting for a 
drone photographer to come by and take some
footage for the realty company.

We are not sure where we will go from here.
NC? SC? TN? KY? CA? Or ?

We are just starting to explore our options.
I'm ready for a new adventure
but I cannot lie...
pulling out of this driveway 
on moving day will not be a pretty site,
I can assure you of that!

I will be a 
big-fat-hot-cry-me-a-river mess.

 This is going to be hard.

So there it is,
our house for sale 

Please let me know if you 
or someone you know
would like to take a turn owning this
beautiful old home.

Thanks so much~