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John Kovac said...

Hi Alison: Newly retired so please excuse any electronic "missteps" in my reply via your blog The Polo House. In the interim, I wanted to congratulate you on your superb presentation of English Cottage style. I had the good fortune, in my naval career, to be posted to London (CINCUSNAVEUR HQ on Grosvenor Square). Included in the NATO conferences were sessions at Sandhurst, and MoD bases. Yes, after such an array of activities, including exquisite country weekends in Manor Houses, I am a confirmed Angliophile.

Yes there is a Jaguar S Type in the driveway (unfortunately, the E Type and XJ6 Vanden Plas are no longer at this address), and a membership in the Victory Services Club next to Marble Arch.

To the point: A couple of humble suggestions to add to your excellent presentation.
Wall decorations such as Military Honors/awards, Ship's Badges/Plaques, Officer's Sword/scabbard/crest, Ship's Clock, etc.
Collections such as antique meerschaum / briar smoking pipes.

And yes, as you have indicated, Books BOOKS BOOKS! everywhere: Map Portfolios, Nautical Charts & textbooks, Foreign tomes/guides,

and (IMHO)

a decanter of Single Malt (and since it's legal everywhere except for the Colonies), a Habana Cigar. (perhaps that will change to as we realize the opportunity presented to us for cultural exchanges and "people-to-people" programmes).

Yes, this has been a long reply - but once again, well done !